Buck & Betty Adams
(Buck's real name is Celian, a name he never liked)

Betty & Celian Adams in garden


Cutting firewood

Repairing vehicles

Helping others

Always busy!



Christmas Letter 2023
Trips and family updates

Christmas Letter 2022
Life in Maine, travels, family updates

Christmas Letter 2021
Life in Maine & family news

Christmas Letter 2020
In spite of loss, we're still a family!


Celian Adams at Rest
Only 10 days from his 100th birthday

Cutting Down A Cedar Tree
It's a precise surgical procedure!

My Mom's 80th Birthday Party
And a great family & friend reunion!

My Dad's 90th Birthday Get-Together
Also experience life at the Ranch
and fun with the old Model A cars!

50+ Years of Adventure
How they met, their honeymoon,
kids, life in Mexico & more!

Celian's Broken Hip
It all happened because of a bucket of honey!

Celian's Hip Recovery Update
At 86 & with a broken hip, he lets nothing stop him.


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Celian & Betty Adams of Placerville, CA

Enjoying each other since 1954!

Christmas Letter 2019
Celian turns 99, KK Marries!

Christmas Letter 2018
Celian turns 98

Christmas letter 2017
Medical family members, dead pines.

Christmas letter 2016
Trips, graduation, 2 weddings, and more!

Christmas letter 2015
Wedding, graduation, very active at 95!

Christmas letter 2014
A trip east, forest fire evacuation & baptism!

Christmas letter 2013
Another trip home to south Mexico!

Christmas letter 2012
Wearing out but still active!

Christmas letter 2011
Still enjoying life and keeping busy.

Christmas letter 2010
Mexico homecoming, 90th and 80th birthdays.

Christmas letter 2009
Missionary grandkids, scrapbooking, gardening, New Mexico trip, even Facebooking!

Christmas letter 2008
Travels, another nurse in the family & foxes.

Christmas letter 2007
Family news, pictures, garden and honeybees.

Christmas letter 2006
Summary of Adams family activities in 2006.

Christmas letter 2005
With color photos.