December, 2020


As the year 2020 is winding down, I think back to what a different year it has been.  Not at all as we expected when the year began, but many things we can be thankful for.





The first blessing came in February with the birth of Ramona Rose Bird, the first grandchild for Lanita and Norman Medina.  She is now an active little girl and a joy to be around. 

Her parents, Jason and Kandice Bird, are busy in health care as a physical therapist and a nurse preparing to be a nurse practitioner.


Then came March which started out normal until I was told to stay home because I was too old, and also caring for my 99 year old husband.


He always worried when I drove from our home in the country for the half hour drive into town, so the three months I stayed home with him 24/7 was a very happy time for both of us.  I wasnít bored either as I kept busy cooking, cleaning, and caring for him. 







I also planted a very small garden with tomatoes and summer squash, with the help of a neighbor.







In late June, his body began to slow down, and doctor daughter Linda came to take more care of him.

Glorianna, Wyatt, Betty, Celian, Lanita, Linda and Fred


On July 1 we completed 66 years of marriage, filled with countless interesting experiences.
(The photo I'm holding is our wedding picture)












Although we all tried to keep him going, on July 8, just 10 days before he would have turned 100, he went to sleep for the last time.  We were thankful he could be at home until the last, because he never wanted to go to a nursing home. 



Linda, Kandice, Krista, Betty, Denise holding baby Ramona, with Celian



On his birthday we had a small memorial celebration at our home outside in the country with most of his children, some grandchildren, some great-grandchildren and a few spouses and friends in attendance.



Another great-grandson, Weston Buck Adams, was born to Daniel and Glorianna in September, so Fred and Diana became grandparents for a second time. 








We only see him on Facebook, because they live in Washington state, but he looks healthy and happy. 





Fred and Diana keep busy at their country home, Fred on his computer and Diana with gardening, canning, and cooking.  Fred has not been to town since Covid closed things down in March, and is staying well.






All the nurses in the family, a total of six, are keeping very busy at this time. 




Lanita, Kami, Ben, Krista and Kandice




Kami and Andrew had a brush with Covid, but not very serious, so they are back to work. 







Laurel was exposed, so she had to quarantine, but just got to spend more time with sons Eli and Owen, four and two years old, who are growing too fast.  






Gloria, Troy, Laurel, Owen & Eli




Deana decided it was time to downsize after living in the same home in Reno, Nevada for 20 years, so has been busy packing and getting ready to move after selling her house.  Gillian and Emilia are both working and adjusting to college online.

Gillian, Boots, Deana, Emilia and Russell


Although neighbors were a great help to me, there wasnít enough to keep me busy at home alone.  In October granddaughter Krista came to help me get ready and to fly back to Maine with me so I could live with Lanita and Norman for awhile. 









They have made life very comfortable for me here and there are many things I can do to help Lanita with her Creative Memories business. 





While I do miss my family and friends in California, I feel that Iím better off here for the present.  At 90 years old I am slowing down, but basically in good health.





Quite a few friends have passed away this year, and I invite you to join me in looking forward to meeting together in our heavenly home.  





~ Betty Adams ~


Celian Adams at Rest

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