December, 2018


       After six months of dry weather we are thankful for some rain at last. Since there have been some bad fires in other parts of our state, we are glad we now donít have to worry about evacuation here. It is beautiful how soon the new grass starts to grow and we already have a green carpet instead of the dry brown one.

      Although time doesnít seem to slow down, somehow our bodies do. After working hard for so many years, at age 98 Grampa Celianís legs have given out, but heís still no couch potato. His wheelchair gets a workout getting him around the house and heís pretty quick at changing into the golf cart when he wants to go outside and check things in the garden or around the yard.




      Our garden was smaller this year, but our helper Victor prepared the ground for us and Lanita enjoyed dropping the seed into the ground while visiting from Maine. Dr. Linda also helps a lot during her frequent visits up to check on us. With Celian supervising we had several good plantings of corn and even got some nice beets after a few years of failure with them. We didnít plant potatoes for the gophers this year but they managed to eat our zucchini squash vines instead.





In September Betty was able to attend the 70-year reunion of her high school class. There was quite a good attendance of the 50 year class, but only four from our class were there. It was good to tour the old building again after so many years even though there were some changes. What used to be the library is now the band room. Just shows the difference in interests these days.

Our family is now scattered all over the United States and growing in size. We are happy many of them take time to visit us once in a while since we donít do much traveling anymore.







Our youngest granddaughter, Kami Kay Medina just joined her sisters, Kandice and Krista and brother Ben as an ER nurse. Sheís working in Dayton, Ohio while Kandice is in San Diego, Krista is in Memphis, Tennessee, and Ben is in Maine.













It was a special treat when the three girls along with their mother Lanita and Aunt Linda all joined Betty for the weekend at a Christian Womenís Retreat at Leoni Meadows, which is a mountain camp not far from here.



Our great-granddaughter Laurel Fulgham presented us with our second great-great-grandson, Owen Alexander, in June. Brother Eli Thomas, two years old, thinks his brother is pretty nice.


In September the Fulgham family moved from Arkansas to Lexington, Kentucky so Laurel could do a nursing fellowship for a couple of years, so you can see sheís a busy wife and mother. Of course dad Alex is kept busy too.




Wyatt Stephen Adams was born the first of October to Daniel and Glorianna Adams, so we have another great-grandson.









We only see him on Facebook because they have moved to Washington state. Hopefully they will find time to come and visit us next year.













Diana was able to spend a couple of days getting acquainted with her new grandson and Fred is still getting used to being married to a Grandma.













Our two Trujillo great-granddaughters who live in Reno, Nevada have spent an active year also. Gillian graduated from high school and is now attending UNR and working a couple of jobs on the side. Studying her senior year of high school, working on third year black belt in karate, and as a bagger in a grocery store are the things keeping Emilia busy. They really enjoyed surprising their mother Deana with a trip to the San Francisco Bay area to celebrate her 50th birthday.





















Now as this year comes to a close our best wishes are for you, our family and friends, that the coming year will be filled with blessings.



~ Betty & Celian Adams ~


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