December, 2012


After a long dry summer and fall we are finally getting some rain and suddenly we are surrounded by a  carpet of green grass. The colorful leaves we have been enjoying on the trees have now become a beautiful cover on the ground. Since Thanksgiving has come and gone we know another year has swiftly passed.


Although we usually keep busy doing something, we donít seem to accomplish that much anymore. Most of our time is spent getting ground ready for a garden, making compost piles, planting the garden, weeding the garden, and harvesting what has been planted. The frost got most of our peaches and apricots this year, but we did enjoy lots of boysenberries, raspberries, lemon cucumbers, eggplant (until the gophers devoured the plants), squash, green beans, and tomatoes. Oh, yes, also peas and potatoes. Also for the first time since we planted the trees a few years ago, we got a nice crop of persimmons which we do enjoy.




On Wednesdays Betty works at our church Food Pantry and Clothes Closet where we serve between 50 and 60 families each week. Many of these people have lost jobs or homes and are very grateful for any help we can give them.




It seems that our children and grandchildren keep much more busy than we do. In February, daughter Lanita and Kami Kay flew out from Maine to join us for a scrapbooking retreat at a friendís home on Presidentís day weekend. Then they went up to British Columbia to check out a school where KK wanted to attend, since she was tired of being the only one left at home, and also of being homeschooled.



Thatís how it happened that Kami Kay is now studying at Fountain-view Academy in Canada. They have a strong emphasis on music and we will be attending one of their concerts in a few days where KK plays the harp and sings in the choir.















The end of February found Fred and Diana flying back to Florida where Fred had treatments for two weeks with a physical therapist who was able to get some improvement in Fredís muscle tone. Although it was minimal, even a little is better than nothing.



One afternoon in April, daughter Linda brought home a surprise from the airport, grandson Daniel who had been in Bolivia for almost two years.


We didnít  really see that much of him though, because he kept very busy on different projects. We were happy that he took our tent trailer to the church camp in the Redwoods where we enjoy going each summer during the last ten days of July. There he kept busy working with the primary age kids which he really enjoyed. A few weeks later he flew back to Bolivia to finish some work there, but plans to be home in time for Christmas.





All the Medina family, along with Tia Linda, enjoyed their last few days together on a bike ride around Prince Edward Island in June.






Then Kandice, Krista, and Ben spent the summer working at a camp in Maine before going to Tennessee for the school year.





So now Norman and Lanita are trying to adjust to an empty nest.





Krista is taking her second year of nursing and Kandice, who already has her RN, is now studying for her Bachelorís degree.










Since some of Benís friends found they couldnít get jobs after graduating from college, Ben decided to study nursing also this year since there seems to be more demand for nurses.








Then thereís the great-granddaughters. Sounds like there will be another nurse in the family as Laurel  Keeping is in her last year of nursing at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.






Gillian and Emilia Trujillo are enjoying attending a regular school in Reno this year after several years of home school. Gillian occupies her spare time with ballet, while Emilia keeps busy with  karate.





Although Dr. Linda is still working at the ER in a busy Los Angeles hospital, she manages to come up and check on us quite regularly.


Sometimes she takes us on some exploring adventures which have their interesting times.






great produce
at Denio's
in Roseville





Thatís about all the news from our family for this year. We are thankful for family and friends like all of you and wish the best for you in the new year ahead.

~ Celian & Betty Adams ~

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