December, 2016


Although it seems as if the year has just begun, 2016 is almost over. We just celebrated Thanksgiving two days late because Dr. Linda had to work on Thursday. We enjoyed spending a few special hours with eleven people–two of our children and a spouse, two grandchildren and their spouses, along with April, our adopted daughter from Idaho and a friend from Thailand.





We are happy that Kandice and Jason have been working in Sacramento for a few months so we get to see them more often.



Our garden is winding down as we’re enjoying the last planting of corn and a few tomatoes, but we’re thankful for all that we had to eat and share during the summer. We haven’t had any frost or snow yet, but our wood stove is a welcome asset to our home on these chilly days and nights.

We don’t have to worry about firewood as our fourth year of drought has resulted in more than enough from the many dead pine and cedar trees which had to be cut down.

Even though we are mostly just happy to stay home on our mountain and certainly find enough to keep us busy here, the month of May found us doing some traveling thanks to our daughter Linda. First we boarded an Amtrak train Pullman car in Sacramento and saw some beautiful scenery through the Sierra Nevadas and also in Colorado on the way to Lincoln, Nebraska.


There we met most of our daughter Lanita’s family because our grandson Ben Medina was graduating from college. He is now the third of her children to finish nursing and is enjoying his job as an ER nurse at Kettering Hospital in Ohio.

From Nebraska we needed to go to Tennessee for another special event in the Medina family. Since Lanita needed to get there faster she loaned us her car to drive down while the Medinas flew. We were able to stop in Missouri to visit our two nieces, Diann Ziegler and Denise Hettrick who we don’t see very often, on our way south.



It was nice to also see Tammy and Tony Ziegler who we hadn’t seen since they were kids. The best part was when Denise decided to come along with us to Tennessee so we got to spend more time together.


The Chattanooga area of Tennessee has played a part in the Adams family for more than a hundred years. During the Civil War Celian’s grandpa Tom Adams was stationed near here.
















Many years later Celian’s parents, Fred and Marjorie Adams met and married while attending school in this area.












Our granddaughters Kandice and Krista have graduated from college here and Kami Kay is now a nursing student here. So we were happy to spend a few days getting acquainted with a beautiful part of Tennessee.














The climax to our visit was the wedding of our granddaughter Krista and Brenden Boyd at the Howe Farm, a spectacular wedding venue nearby.


At this LINK, you can see a bird's-eye view of the hilltop wedding location, as well as the nice barn where the reception was held.





Included among the guests were our daughter Gloria Keeping, grandson Troy Keeping, great granddaughter Laurel Fulgham, and great great-grandson Eli Fulgham–that’s right, 5 generations.




The last week of July it was time for our yearly trip to a camp out in the redwoods of Northern California. The last weekend found many more family and friends joining us for another wedding.










This time it was for grandson Daniel Adams and Glorianna Dowswell who had met at this annual camp four years ago, so it was very appropriate for them to get married there under the beautiful redwood trees.


Click HERE to see more photos and wedding details.


They are now keeping busy working in the woods with all the dead and dying trees in this part of the state.







We are very thankful for the on-going recuperation of our great granddaughter Emilia Truillo who was enjoying a ride in a motor boat with some of her friends when her leg got caught in the motor. It caused a large wound, but no bones were broken, and she was able to attend her graduation for her second black belt in karate.



Older sister Gillian enjoys singing in her school choir and making beautiful music.



In September we had a second family reunion to celebrate and take more pictures of the 5 generations here at our home in Placerville. That was a fun time with more visiting and riding in Grandpa’s old cars.






Well, it sounds like we’ve had enough activity for a couple of senior citizens for one year. We hope this finds all of you doing well and we wish you a blessed year to come.


~ Betty & Celian Adams ~

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