December, 2007


The beautiful colored leaves have come and gone, and we are receiving seasonal messages from many of you, which makes us realize that another year has passed too swiftly. We still live in Critter Country with a variety of deer, wild turkeys, foxes, skunks, and this evening a mother raccoon peeked in our garage door while several little ones ran about. Weíre glad the bear hasnít visited us this year although it did destroy an apricot tree at Fred and Dianaís.


When we see the prices in the supermarkets we are thankful for an abundance of garden produce this year. We had lots of potatoes, tomatoes, beans, squash, corn, eggplant, cucumbers, and melons for ourselves and plenty to share.







(Our Mexican helper Victor is a big help - here he's helping Celian shovel compost)



Fred and Diana had extra cherries, apples, and pears so we enjoyed those too. Because of mild fall weather we are still picking some fresh vegetables.




(Ben, Norman, Krista, Lanita, KK & Kandice Medina above the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru)


Although we donít do much traveling anymore, we enjoy seeing pictures of the trips our children and grandchildren experience.







Norman really dreamed of celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with Lanita on the beaches in Florida, but he found it quite rewarding to spend that time with his whole family and Linda on a mission trip in Peru.







Later on Ben, Krista, and Linda all went on mission trips to Ecuador.






Daniel spent the first part of the year translating for a medical team in Venezuela. Since then heís been working in Tennessee as he continues his flight training for his instrument rating. Future plans include going to a remote part of Bolivia to work in an orphanage.





Betty and Linda spent the last weekend of May in Pennsylvania where they joined the Medina family as Ben graduated from Blue Mountain Academy. After working at a summer camp in Maryland, Ben is now going to school at La Sierra University in southern California as he also enjoys the beaches and playing golf.



It was a unique 87th birthday for Celian in July as he had surgery to remove the screws from his hip since they were no longer needed and had been annoying him. His surgeon sang "Happy Birthday" to him before doing the surgery and Celian said he couldnít have wished for a better present. It was just a year before that they were put in after he broke his hip in a fall.

(That one on top looks quite rusty - how long had THAT been in his hip?!!)



Thanks to our faithful helper Victor, Celian has been busy cutting boards with his portable chainsaw mill for several building projects around our place. They have also been getting in our winter supply of firewood, including cutting up a large oak tree that fell down in late summer.






Victor & his wife Becky have been busy at home too, since twin boys, Joseph and Jared, joined their family in early April.





We donít see much of great-granddaughters Gillian (8) and Emilia (6) who live in Reno, Nevada so we didnít know if they would enjoy the day when their mother, Deana brought them for a visit.






It turned out to be quite an adventure for them as great grampa Celian showed them his bees, helped them find the queen, took them berry picking in the golf cart, and shared other things in our country life.

(Six-year-old Emilia isn't afraid of those honeybees at all!)




(See the queen bee with the yellow dot?)






(Boots Mitchell, Emilia Trujillo, Celian & Betty, Gillian)








(Celian & granddaughter
Deana Trujillo on roof
with bee hives)








(Hey careful grampa!  That plank can snap and you'll break more bones!)





Thanksgiving has just passed and we had a special reason to be thankful as Lanita, Norman, Krista, and Kami Kay came all the way from Maine to spend a few days, along with Linda from southern California (still a busy doctor there) and also Ben. One of the experiences they shared was picking persimmons and gleaning chestnuts, a prickly job if youíve never done it. We missed Kandice who is studying her last year of nursing in Texas at the same college where her parents graduated.




We are thankful for good health and for friends like all of you, and wish you all the best in the coming year.



~ Celian & Betty Adams ~

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