December, 2015


It seems as though we just welcomed in the new year of 2015 and yesterday we had the first snow to let us know that we’re almost to the end of the year. The slower we move the faster time passes these days but we are thankful for a busy year without too many problems.


Although we weren’t able to make the trip in March to our former home at Linda Vista in southern Mexico for the alumni reunion, grandson Daniel and his friend Glorianna went to represent the Adams family.


Now Daniel is keeping busy working around our area cutting down the many trees that have died possibly as the result of our four year drought.






Since Krista Medina is now a nurse, she enjoyed spending several months helping at an orphanage in Tanzania, and then at a clinic with the Maasai in Kenya.









It was a special time for her. Although many wild animals were native in the area she also was able to go on a safari.


















Her mother, Lanita and aunt Linda decided to share in the fun, so they along with friend Virginia joined her for the last two weeks of her stay.






















Linda has fun feeding two giraffes
at the same time.  She's laughing because the giraffes tongues tickle her hands!



















In May many of us went to Camden, Maine to celebrate the wedding of granddaughter Kandice Medina to Jason Bird although grampa Celian decided it was too much for him.  The ceremony in an outdoor park beside the harbor was enjoyed by more than 200 family and friends from all over the United States in spite of the rainy day that followed a week of beautiful weather. 





Kandice and Jason got back from their honeymoon in Thailand just in time to attend sister Kami Kay’s graduation from Fountainview Academy in British Columbia.  Now Kami is attending college in Tennessee studying to be a nurse, of course.










The long plane trip to Maine was very difficult for Fred, so when we went to Fountainview Academy for Kami Kay’s graduation, he and Diana were happy to have Daniel drive them in the motor home. That way they were also able to visit friends along the way.











Linda flew with us to Seattle and then drove us the remaining six hours on to the school.



Many years ago we had been through here on a train trip so it was nice to be able to spend a few more days getting acquainted with the area. A few highlights we especially enjoyed were the musical talents of the students including choir and orchestra and the crop of cherries which were just ripening in the school orchard.








Kami Kay's graduation at Fountainview Academy







Since the students would be leaving for the summer we were told to pick all we wanted which was not hard to do.















Since they are well known in British Columbia for their organic carrots, it was interesting to see how they are planted and weeded. The students are very involved in the agriculture and learn how to handle all the machinery.











Students weeding the carrots in comfort.


















Linda, Betty, Celian, Fred, Diana, Lanita, Ben, Kami Kay (KK),

Norman, Krista, Daniel, Kandice & Jason







As usual we had a garden this summer, but it didn’t produce as well as we expected. It may have been irregular weather, because others of our friends were also having garden problems. At least we were able to have corn to freeze and tomatoes to can. We did have a good crop of sunflowers also. When a bear came in and started eating the persimmons we decided it was time to pick those.











Grandson Ben Medina did an internship at an Ohio hospital during the summer before starting his last year in nursing at Lincoln, Nebraska.
























We have lots of medical people in our family since Jason is a Physical Therapist and Krista will soon be married to a future Physical Therapist.

























We were proud to hear that daughter Linda was voted Top Doc in the emergency department of White Memorial Hospital in August.
























Another nurse in the family is great-granddaughter Laurel. She has been working on her masters degree while working as a nurse, also doing some teaching. Now she is going to make us great-great-grandparents in March with the birth of her son.
























Laurel's dad Troy has already made an appointment with us for the 5 generation photo.


























Our other two great-grand-daughters who live in Reno, Nevada keep busy also. They are both in high school now. Gillian has been displaying her musical talents with singing while Emilia enjoys pushing karate to the limit, now working on her second Black Belt.












This year we have attended the memorials of too many of our friends who will be sorely missed.  It makes us thankful for the blessed hope of seeing them again in a better place where there will be no more pain, sorrow, or death.




As this year closes we are happy to send our greetings to each one of you with best wishes for the new year to come.


~ Celian & Betty Adams ~


P.S. from Fred - My 95-year-old dad just keeps on being active, with mom trying to keep up when he needs help.  We are grateful for helpers like Victor and Estelita!  I'm sharing a few photos below, taken by Linda using her cell phone.


Daddy spends a lot of time preparing the soil and caring for his treasured plants.







Still driving the 1930 Model A Ford Roadster he bought for $35 as a teenager in 1938.







Climbing onto the tractors are getting to be more of a challenge, but once in the seat, he's hard at work pulling logs and disking the soil.






The larger Oliver is harder to drive, but he manages!









Daddy still cuts down trees to make lumber and firewood!






Granddaughter Kandice helps as a neighbor cuts lumber from a huge dead Ponderosa pine tree on our property.






Daddy uses his 1928 Ford Model AA truck to haul garden manure, mulch, firewood and even visitors who enjoy a little adventure!




Physical Therapy student Estelita from Mexico helps a lot in the garden, out in the woods and in the house with many tasks during school vacations - she's a real blessing to our family!

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