December, 2021


The birds are gone from the bird feeder, flowers are gone, and leaves are on the ground. The colored lights are on the windows, inside and outside, so it must be December, 2021.

Enjoying Lanita's peonies last spring

I am thankful for health and strength for 91 years and my family that is taking good care of me here in Maine. Itís a busy time for Lanita with her Creative Memories business, so Iím glad there are a few things I can do to help her.

And the most fun thing this year is that all the Medina family will be here for Christmas to help Norman and Lanita celebrate 40 years of marriage.

In October I flew back to California for a visit. After being gone for a year it was nice to see family and friends there.

 Lanita, Freddie, and Linda with me during our California visit

I especially enjoyed spending time with Freddie and Diana. There were some bad fires in that area last summer, and I was thankful that they were spared even though they spent some time with important things packed in their van in case evacuation was required. They had packed my things too, so I was able to sort through many things during the three weeks I was there. Although it was a good visit, I decided that Maine is the best place for me right now.

Weston, Wyatt and Daniel with Grandma

Grandson Daniel & Glorianna, with Wyatt and Weston came from Washington state to visit while I was in California. Kami Kay and Andrew had been working as travel nurses in California for six months, so Kami was using my Subaru. They were just finishing so they brought my car back and I got to see them there also. They will be moving to Nashville so Andrew can begin his CNA (Certified Nurse Anesthetist) studies in January. Ben Medina is also going to study for CNA, but online for the first year, so he and Amanda will be living here for a while and Amanda will be a travel nurse at Pen Bay Hospital which is local. Krista and Brendon are moving from Texas to live with Brendonís parents in Pennsylvania for a while as they both have travel jobs as physical therapist and nurse.

Jason, Andrew, Kandice, KK holding baby Ender & Lanita holding Ramona

In August Ender Fairchild Bird was born to Kandice and Jason, a few weeks early because Kandice got Covid 19. But since she had been vaccinated both mother and baby are doing well and Ramona is keeping busy helping to care for her little brother. They are still living in San Diego right now.

Some of the crazy wild happy Medina tribe

Troy and Maryann sold their house in Arkansas and moved to Lexington, Kentucky to be near the grandsons, but they are so busy traveling all around the world that I canít keep up with them. Laurel is expecting a little sister for the boys any time now, so that is exciting. Gillian graduated from UNR in Reno, Nevada in June and is working while applying for grad school. Emilia is glad to be able to study pre-dental in person this year also in UNR. And thatís the up-date on the grands for now.

The Medina home in springtime, so beautiful with abundant flowers

God bless each and every one of you. Have a good year, and letís prepare for a reunion up in heaven if we canít meet here.

Kuddles, the Medina family cat likes to "help" me at the computer


~ Betty Adams ~


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