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Bound for the Peruvian Medical Launch!

Sailing from Iquitos by Public Launch

Fishing for Men & for Fish

Jungle Hike & Wild Animals

Peruvian Cultural Parade

Painful Tooth Extraction & River Fun

Working in Primitive Villages & the City

AMOR Medical Work & Fun Things

Gory Jungle Surgeries Change Lives

Amazon Launch Mission Overview
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You Can Help Meet Medical Needs

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Corrie Sample in Perú


Corrie served as a Student Missionary in southeast Venezuela during the first few months of 2006.  She participated in the International Rescue and Relief (IRR) program from Union College, working with medical personnel treating patients at remote villages, often accessible only by plane, by dugout canoe, or on foot.

In June Corrie returned to the U.S. for a few weeks, where she got her 3 SCUBA certifications and spent a few weeks traveling around visiting friends & relatives.

In July she returned to South America, this time to serve on a Peruvian Medical Launch doing medical work.  Enjoy living real-life missions through Corries experiences!

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