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Igloo for Rent!

Information & photos courtesy of Union College and Lauren Brendel

IRR igloo at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska

Room for Rent: unfurnished, clean, white living space. Suitable for one to two people. No electricity, no refrigerator needed. Definitely the “coolest” option for on-campus living. Contact anyone in the IRR program at Union College for more details.


Union College IRR iglooThis igloo was built on January 13, 2005 by Mike Duerhssen (IRR Program Director), Nathan Krehbiel, Garrett McLarty, Chris Kinney, Greg Okimi, and Ricky Jimenez. It took about seven hours to complete. The igloo was built to bring attention to the new International Rescue and Relief program at Union. The project provided students in the program with a way to protect themselves should the need arise.

Guys leaning on IRR iglooThe first people to sleep in the igloo on Thursday night were Mike Duerhssen, Nathan Krehbiel, Ricky Jimenez, Greg Okimi, and Garrett McLarty. Though the temperature outside was chilly (about seven degrees below zero F), they all stayed warm inside the igloo. Their water bottles didn’t freeze and though space was a little tight, it was pretty comfortable.


Interior of IRR igloo at Union CollegeThe following night, when temperatures reached a low of -17 F, Shawndra McComb, Kim Barton, Corrie Sample, and Ashley Quirindongo were the brave women who slept in the igloo. After that, some group slept in the igloo every night. Nathan Krehbiel said that if this keeps up, they might have to start charging rent. So if you’re looking for cheap, comfortable, warm housing, keep the igloo in mind!

IRR igloo at Union College


This training in winter survival skills is one of many practical experiences international rescue and relief students receive at Union College.


Click here for further details about Union College's International Rescue and Relief program.



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