Medical Launch Life & Activities
A Fun-Loving Crew, Working with Kids, and Fishing
August 13, 2006

By Corrie Sample


Here is the Medical Launch team :)  Starting on the left is Ruita (the cook), Aricho (2nd captain and Ruitaís husband), Lelis (the nurse), Christina (health educator), Manuel (dentist), Benjamin (engine mechanic/general maintenance), and in the front next to me is Jose Viar (Chaplain).  We all look a bit messy because we just got done having a frosting and flour fight with Christina as the main target since it was her birthday :) (Aug. 4) It was absolutely hilarious!  The only people missing in the picture are the boat captain, Orinson, and the captainsí assistant, Jose Carlos.

This is our audience for one of the last meetings.  Most of the time the majority of attendees were children.  They absolutely loved the singing and activities that Christina and Lelis provided.  Each meeting starts with 30 minutes of a movie (such as Homeward Bound or Moses), which I like because it attracts people and gets them to come.  After the movie we sing, then the kids go with Christina and the adults (and older children) stay and listen to the lesson.  A lesson guide is given to each one to fill out as the topic is explained.  We held meetings from July 28 Ė Aug. 12.


This night the childrenís program consisted of skits/charades.  In groups of 4 or 5 they were to act a particular activity, such as fishing, or a particular person, such as a mother.  Here I think they are either cooking or washing clothes or something.  I donít remember.  





This group is acting out helping a cripple.  The rest of the kids were supposed to guess the activity or the person being acted out.  They were really good at it.








Christina has a lot of fun with the kids.  She does health education in the afternoons, then helps lead the kids programs at night.









Manuel and Jose Carlos making faces for the camera.  Iím just surprised that Manuel didnít cover his face.  He really doesnít like to have his picture taken.  Jose Carlos, on the other hand, doesnít mind.   












This is Erika, one of the little girls that latched on to me.  She sat beside me at every meeting.  She was a real sweetheart.  She looks a little wide-eyed here because the flash on my camera is really blinding.











The kids here are drawing and coloring pictures about David and Goliath.  We often had pictures for them to color over the story told that night.  It was their favorite activity.









These are a couple of girls that wanted their picture taken.  The taller one is Lorinda, a very sweet, but shy, girl.  I donít know the younger one.  She may be Lorindaís sister or cousin. 






Group picture!  I was very popular this one night that I took my camera.  The kids flocked around me asking me to take pictures of them with their friends and then wanting to see all of the ones I took.  The last Sabbath night (Aug. 12) we had a game night for all the kids.  Unfortunately I didnít have my camera with me.  But the next village we go to, I have to take pictures because some of the games were absolutely hysterical! 


Sunday activities :)  The Sunday after the meetings ended we got in our small boat and went fishing!  It was really easy for me.  All I had to do was sit in the boat and take pictures :)  However, the rest wasnít really hard either.  All we did was let the net out, float down river for a ways, then pull it back in.  We went out several times.  The first time we got about 50 fish, but the second only about 24.  They were all pretty small, but apparently just the right size for eating because everyone on the boat was very happy about the catch.  I am the only vegetarian on the boat, but that is not a problem because they donít have meat very often and when they do there is always plenty of other food to eat. 

And this is the result of about 10 minutes of work.  Not bad :)  This isnít even all of them.  Orinson and Jose Carlos are still in the process of taking the fish out of the net.  This reminds me of the job that Jesus gave us to do.  He calls all of His followers to be fishers of men. 
At least we donít have to skin them alive, like they do with the fish here.  :)


~ Corrie ~


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