Independence Day Parade
Peruvian traditions on display
July 29 & 30, 2006

By Corrie Sample



July 29 & 30 there were celebrations of Independence day in San Pablo.  Saturday night was a lantern parade and as you can see, the kids were very creative as far as shapes for their lanterns.  Each one was made of a very thin paper with a wooden frame.  They were lighted with candles. 




This was one of the more elaborate designs that we saw.  There were several large ones like this.  The parade consisted of several hundred kids with their lanterns.  Unfortunately, during the course of the parade, several of them caught on fire due to the candles inside.  We thought the American flag on top of this boat was quite interesting :)






Sunday, the 30th the entire town got together for a grand parade put on by the local school and its teachers.  San Pablo has quite a large school and sports its own marching band.  Impressive!   










This group is not just dress up.  This was the representation from the military/police.  The marching style here makes me want to laugh.  They kick their front legs up so high.  But I suppose it looks good when everyone involved does it right.






The younger kids from the school were not left out in any way, shape or form.  Each class dressed like a specific group of people from Peru.  Like here, you see a class of boy dressed as guerillas.  Each class had a theme like this one.  Some were historical groups, others were dressed as people from different areas of Peru. 





This little guerilla marched proudly past us with his weapon.  He was so cute :)  Christina and I were invited to sit with the leaders of the village on a stage with a roof since we are foreigners.  It was almost the best view possible except for the fact that there were people sitting in front of us.







This group is dressed up as a group from the mountains of Peru where it is cold enough to wear clothes like this.  I felt sorry for these kids though.  It was really hot out.







These kids are also dressed up as mountain people.  Though these ones seem to be in fiesta attire, not normal day to day style. 







And this group is dressed up as Peruvian Indians.  There were many other different groups as well, but we couldn’t get pictures of all of them ‘cause the camera battery was running low.





And after the long morning watching the parade in the heat, we just couldn’t resist going for a swim :)  Here Manuel and I just finished a little battle that ended up with both of us going in the water :)  It is kind of nice, because I have the same advantage over him that I do over my brother.  He is ticklish and I am not.  :)  




~ Corrie ~


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