Daniel - High Energy, Enthusiasm & Adventure!


Glorianna Mae and Daniel Adams right after their wedding

Glorianna and Daniel Adams right after their wedding.

Daniel & Glory's Wedding
At Redwood camp meeting on July 29, 2016

Daniel's Bolivia Video Reports
Flying the mission plane & more

Familia Feliz Bolivia Info

Where Daniel served

Volunteering in Bolivia
Familia Feliz Orphanage, Red ADVenir TV, Bolivia Aviation

Daniel's Facebook page

Daniel's YouTube Videos
Short video updates about mission life & activities

Stonedoor Campout
Daniel & friends enjoy an awesome weekend in Tennessee's most scenic areas exploring waterfalls, scaling cliffs & more.

Of Campfires, Cliffs and Creation
Emily Caza's perspectives about this unforgettable weekend

A Bunch of Adventures after Venezuela 2006
Canoeing, Leoni Meadows campout, 21st birthday party, SCUBA diving, Mission Pilot training, GYC & more!

Interesting and Useful Links

Mission projects, stories, resources & information

Daniel Adams of Placerville, California and Chiapas, Mexico

Driving up a Cliff . . .
Daniel takes his parents on a wild ride while learning to drive.

DayStar Academy Graduation

Done cowboy style in May, 2005 at Castle Valley, Utah.

Daniel's Life Slideshow (15 MB PPS)
An overview from birth to age 20 shown at graduation
in 2005

LaSal Rappelling Fun

Kids and grownups go down a 70' cliff in Utah.

Climbing Parriott Mesa
Diana "hangs" onto an 800' cliff without a safety rope!

Flight Training Adventures
. . . also summer activities, hurricane relief & future dreams.

Daniel Flies Solo!

On October 18, 2005 after 10 weeks of training.

Control Tower Interchanges
Kinda scary landing alone between huge airliners.

It's Official - Pilot's License!

December 12, 2005 - and he barely made it too!

News Update December 2005
Sometimes Daniel actually writes! (rarely)

News update May 2006
What Daniel was up to . . .

Camden, ME Podcast Slides
A boring mission sermon on 8/26/06 by Daniel in Maine.

Home Here video & music
(29 MB WMV file - left-click to play; right-click to download)

Daniel's Future Wife . . .
Daniel's former perspectives on courtship & marriage

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