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Because I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, my beliefs about courtship and marriage may be slightly different than what I see promoted in this day and age. So, here are a few resources which I have found to be very helpful in explaining what I believe and why.


When God Writes Your Love Story

             I was introduced to this book by a friend in Maine who had read it and had made a great impact as to his perspective on the subject. I was immediately interested and ordered it at once. I found the reading to be fun and interesting, as the concepts given are true and flow straight from the springs of Gods Word and personal testimonies. This is one of the few books I have ever read all the way through, and I will likely read it again when I get another one, being as I gave away the other two I bought.

            I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE! I think it should be required reading at ALL schools and not just for the kids there either! I also think it would do a great deal of good for parents to read it in order to more clearly explain to their kids what to expect from this world and how to not only deal with it but also how to turn the tide and be a strong influence for the right. 

Pamela’s Prayer

            I saw the first part of this movie with my church youth group. However, I missed the last part of it because I was asked to preach at the nearby Spanish church.

            Since then, I had spent some time looking for it, but went to Venezuela before I was able to get it.

            This movie states so clearly what I believe, that I really wanted to get it! Imagine my surprise when I found it for sale on DVD in one of the smaller Indian villages out in the middle of the South American jungle! And it was in English too!

            I highly recommend this movie for anyone who wants to experience a meaningful, long-lasting marriage!

Right-click here, then left-click "Save Target As ..." to download awesome songs and some of Eric & Leslie Ludy's
insights about remaining faithful to each other - before they even knew the right partner God had for them!
(Note to dial-up users: this is a large 5.6 MB MP3 file.)


An awesome, humorous, fun-to-read
book for pre-teens, teens and parents too!

Click here to get your own copy.

Click here to see further information
and get this DVD for less than $10.00.

Another resource created by our friends Chuck & Sue Reeve can be downloaded at:

My Little Child Grows Up

Disclaimer: You may agree or disagree with some of the material in the link above,
but it has some excellent principles that, if put into practice, can help keep those teen hormones under control!

Oh, and about my future wife?  I'm happily married now!
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~ Daniel Adams ~

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