Mosquito Road Driving Etiquette
From the August, 2006 issue of Mosquito Byte

Now that Mosquito Road is open, it is a good time to review the safe and courteous driving practices for our "new" road.

  • Just because there are no yellow lines to mark the center of the road, does not mean that you should drive in the middle. When you see a vehicle approaching, move to the right side of the road as safely as the road allows and SLOW down.

  • Remember, the vehicles that are going uphill have the right of way if backing up is necessary, the vehicle that is going down the hill must back up (backing uphill is safer because you have control of your vehicle) until it is safe to pass.

  • Driving across the "White Bridge" requires drivers to take turns. When you are on the Placerville side of the bridge, wait up in the wide spot across from the waterfall if another vehicle is approaching the bridge. When you are coming from Mosquito/Swansboro, wait down by the bridge in the wide area, DO NOT WAIT UP AT THE TURN!

  • Driving slow will enable you to get to your destination safely, however if there are vehicles behind you who want to go faster, please be courteous Newly paved Mosquito Road July 2006and pull over when it is safe to do so and let the vehicles pass. Just do not stop on a turn or a blind spot so that the vehicle(s) behind you can see that it is safe to pass.

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