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Marjorie & Fred Adams at 70th wedding anniversaryIn the late 1970's, Celian and Betty began spending more time in California.   Celian's parents, Fred & Marjorie Adams were getting up in years, and needed someone to be around to keep an eye on them - to keep them from working too hard!

Even as she began losing her eyesight, Marjorie kept up her garden, spending many hours outside each day.  She always had plenty to share with neighbors.  And Fred, known affectionately as "Papa," hauled manure, split firewood, and did carpenter work.   He also spent several hours a day practicing his organ, which he often played in church.

Celian Adams on Harley Davidson in Mosquito, California




Celian (mostly known by local residents as "Buck") enjoys riding around on his Harley Davidson.  Who needs a helmet anyway?  He's survived this long!




Celian & Betty Adams in 1930 Roadster

Another sight you'll see around the Mosquito area is Buck and Betty cruising around in their 1930 Ford Model A Roadster. 

And no, they're NOT planning to "restore it," as many people ask.  It runs perfectly fine just like it is - and as it has since 1938 when Buck bought it for $35.00.



Celian & Betty Adams with 1930 Model A Ford pickup


Their 1930 Ford Model A pickup comes in handy for hauling firewood, garden soil & manure - whatever!

Buck loves to coast downhill in it, adjusting the "spark" lever so it goes POP-POP-POP then BANG!  At 85, he's still a teenager at heart!


Celian & Betty Adams at compost pile



The couple spend hours each day working in the garden, hauling compost materials, taking care of several dozen fruit & nut trees, grapes, raspberries, and plenty more.




Celian Adams tilling garden at ranch in Mosquito


Winter garden, spring planting - there's always something growing and plenty to share - peas, beets, chard, squash, green beans, Lima beans, tomatoes, and lots of sweet corn.   They have plantings about two weeks apart, providing a continuous supply from June to November.



Celian Adams on Oliver dozer clearing brush


In spite of torn muscles in both shoulders, back problems, and a host of other ailments, Buck is always busy.

Clearing brush, cutting & hauling firewood, repairing vehicles - he gets restless if he isn't doing something!


Celian Adams happily driving Oliver tractor




Look at that grin as he drives his Oliver bulldozer - just like a kid playing with his favorite toy!




Celian teaching grandson Daniel to drive Caterpillar tractor



Grandson Daniel is getting a lesson on how to drive the smaller Caterpillar.  Son Freddie used to ride in a wooden box on this very same tractor as a baby - nearly 50 years ago!




Celian & Betty Adams eating lunch in their Mosquito homeBesides helping her husband outdoors much of the day, Betty enjoys preparing her husband's favorite dishes - tamale pie, lentil-nut patties, squash patties, apple cobbler, and lots more.

She also enjoys sewing cute outfits for her grandchildren, helping the needy at church Community Services, etc.  Several times a year she travels with her daughter Linda across the country by plane to Camden, Maine where they visit her other daughter Lanita Medina & family - including four grandkids ages 7 to 19.

Celian Adams playing the piano




One relaxing pasttime Buck really enjoys is playing the piano.  His dad was a music teacher many years ago, and as a child Celian took lessons until age nine.

After that he hardly touched a piano again for 70 years.  Then he sat down and started playing some really complicated pieces, and even learning new ones!  Those stiff fingers can make a lot of beautiful music after all these years!



Betty & Celian Adams napping



One very important part of their lives is siesta time - every afternoon for half an hour when possible.  It seems to recharge their batteries for the rest of the day.




Celian & Betty Adams on 50th Anniversary - with box of crackers!




On July 1, 2004 Celian & Betty quietly celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary while visiting daughter Lanita's family in Maine. 

And after 50 years, he's still carrying around that box of crackers!





Celian & Betty Adams with Merc - still running after 50 years!



What about the '41 Merc in which they eloped to get married?  It still runs, just as do most of the other vehicles they've collected through the years!



Celian & Betty Adams using two-man chainsaw Nov. 2005

Even though the doctor ordered Buck to lift no more than 10 pounds, he ignores that order.  And after more than 50 years, the pair continue using a two-man chainsaw!


Celian & Betty Adams in 1930 Ford Roadster

This has been just a tiny peek into the lives of two very special people, who deeply love each other, enjoy adventure, are always busy, and find their greatest fulfillment in helping others.

Yes, they are slowing down in their "old age."  But as long as they possibly can, they'll keep going, enjoying life to the fullest.

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