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Homeschool picnic above Hotel Bret Harte ruins at Deer View


The morning raced by quickly, and soon it was lunchtime.  We spread out on a flat place above the retaining walls behind where Hotel Bret Harte once stood.   The temperature was perfect, there were no mosquitoes, and the forest was so peaceful.  Homemade bread and garden tomatoes made our picnic lunch very enjoyable.


Alyssa shows her mom a caterpillar she discovered.


Alyssa discovered a fascinating white caterpillar with long hairs, so she brought it for her mom to see.  The rest of us had to check it out as well. 

White long-haired caterpillar at Deer ViewThe hairs were not the stinging type, so nobody had any unpleasant surprises!


Buck Adams describing Deer View Lodge to homeschool group

After lunch, my dad Buck Adams described what Deer View Lodge looked like in the late 1930's when he delivered corn, beans, squash, eggs and other goods from his parents' farm in Mosquito, six miles away.  He vividly remembers the large wall murals, depicting scenes of the American River, panoramas of the Sierras, views from atop nearby Slate Mountain, and other interesting sights.  The artist spent several years doing his skillful work, and my dad felt really bad when the lodge was eventually abandoned and left to collapse.


Hotel Bret Harte stonework at Deer View ruinsRetaining walls behind Deer View Lodge and Hotel Bret Harte are still in fairly good condition, though huge trees along the top could eventually cause them to collapse.

Several stone rooms were used as cold storage areas and wine cellars.

Hotel Bret Harte foundation columns at Deer View




These foundation columns are all that remain from the front view of what was once the grand, four-story, 250-room Hotel Bret Harte.  Wealthy businessman A.P.T. Elder passed away in 1924, leaving the nearly-completed building to heirs back east who had no interest in the resort.  Within 14 years, the hotel collapsed after a heavy snowstorm.

Mackenzie, Spencer and Cody climbing Deer View stonework






Mackenzie, Spencer and Cody explore one of the stone cold storage rooms, located behind Deer View Lodge.




Fred Adams holding photo of Deer View lodge near steps


Deer View Lodge continued to be used as a place for hunters to stay, but it too eventually collapsed.

I'm parked near the front steps, holding a photo showing what the lodge, stone walls and stairs looked like 70 years ago.



Fred Adams by Deer View lodge steps


All too soon it was time to leave, so we went down to the lower level, where the old road curved around the resort toward the pear orchard.


Cody and Alyssa in Deer View cabin fireplace chimney




Cody and Alyssa had fun exploring the only remaining fireplace chimney, located near the lower road where a guest cabin once stood.


Homeschool kids leaving Deer View pear orchard





We picked up several buckets of fallen pears - sweet, juicy and totally organic - on our way back to the cars.


Jackie's Jeep pulling Fred's van out of the mud puddle


As I drove my van back through the deep mud puddle described on page 1, I didn't have enough momentum.  Just a foot or two from the other side, my wheels started spinning.  Fortunately, my dad had a chain in his Model A, and Jackie pulled me out with her Jeep.  We made it back out through all the other puddles with no problems.


Homeschool kids in Ford Model A Roadster leaving Deer View

What a special day we had!  The kids had fun riding in the Roadster, my dad enjoyed driving them, and Naturalist Jim made himself useful wherever needed & taught us about nature, and my wife Diana got better acquainted with the ladies while picking berries.  I think everyone got about six baskets apiece. The kids seemed to be eating all the berries they picked!

Diana and Jim kept busy taking pictures - that's why they're rarely seen in this adventure.  And as a quadriplegic, I always enjoy a good excuse to get out of the house and be involved in some kind of adventure.  I'm very grateful to God and to modern technology that enables me to do these kinds of things!


Happy homeschool moms - Jackie, Robin & Sheryl


Jackie, Robin and Sheryl had a great time as well - they often do homeschool field trips together, and we have several more lined up for them in the near future!

Mackenzie OganCody Ogan


Click on Mackenzie's and Cody's photos to read their Deer View Field Trip Reports.



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Deer View and Hotel Bret Harte bird-s-eye view

A "Bird's-Eye View" of Deer View Resort, a cherished dream unfinished by A.P.T. Elder's death.


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