LaSal Mountain Rappelling Adventures

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Lanita Medina ready to rappel

After her three girls went down, Lanita got up her courage to do it too.  Her knees were really shaking as she looked down into that deep chasm!

Lanita Medina rappelling

Lanita's smiling, but her knees are still shaking!  She made it to the bottom, thoughit took her awhile.

Benjamin Hunt preparing to rappel for first time at age 5

At age 5, Benjamin Hunt had never done this before.  He was very fearful at first, but we all coaxed him along.

Benjamin Hunt trying to climb back up

After he got over the edge, he changed his mind and decided to climb back up.  But we all kept shouting words of encouragement, so he tremblingly let himself down.

Benjamin Hunt rappelling!

     Once he learned to trust the rope, things went better.

Benjamin Hunt halfway down the rappelling cliff

He also discovered that bracing away from with the cliff with his feet was not so bad after all.

Benjamin Hunt near bottom, belayed by Daniel Adams

With Daniel belaying at the bottom, he felt reassured.  He was a brave little fellow and did great after the first 30 feet or so!

Lezli Sage preparing to rappel

                     Lezli Sage is an old pro at rappelling.

Lezli Sage on her way down the cliff

She was over the edge and on her way down in no time, water bottle and all.

Lezli Sage makes flying leaps on her way down the cliff

She flipped upside down, did some big leaps, and put on a good show for her parents, who'd never seen her expertise in rappelling.  Mom Vickie took pictures from the top while dad Steve photographed from the bottom.

Andre Sage prepares to rappel as Daniel & Lezli look on

Lezli's younger brother Andre had never rappelled before.

Andre Sage on his way down the cliff

          But he did great, and thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Sarah Ward preparing to rappel face-down

Sarah Ward, another expert, decided to have some fun going down face first. 

Sarah Ward rappelling face-down

   That way she can see where she's going - straight down!

Sarah Ward doing horizontal leaps while rappelling face-down

She got in some good jumps too.  These DayStar Academy girls are fun to be with - fearless, daring and adventurous!

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