LaSal Mountain Rappelling Adventures

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Heidi Hunt in rappelling gear

      Heidi Hunt is another expert at adventurous rappelling.

Heidi Hunt leaping outward while rappelling

                   Here she comes with her flying leaps!

Heidi Hunt rappelling - upside-down!

            And flipping upside down while descending too!

Heidi Hunt doing the free-fall face-down

Later she went down the freefall overhang - face down.  Looks uncomfortable!

Heidi, Daniel & Lezli at bottom of free-fall rappell

She looks like she had fun though.  Daniel & Lezli were at the bottom waiting for her.

Fred Adams and others watching rappellers from opposite cliff ledge

While all this was going on, the rest of us had a great view from our perches on the opposite side.  Though I wasn't able to rapell, it was fun being so close and watching the others have fun for me!

Buck & Betty Adams watch rappellers from safe perches

My parents held on tightly as they peered down at the activity below.  We couldn't convince either of them to try it though!  My dad said he could see no logical reason to go down a vertical cliff face, dangling from a rope, only to have to come back up again!

Kandice Medina & Daniel Adams back-to-back

While others were rappelling, Daniel found a convenient place to relax, leaning against his cousin Kandice.

Lezli Sage looking troubled

When Kandice left, Lezli decided to be his backrest for awhile.  By the look on her face, Daniel must have a hard, boney back!

Lezli Sage and Daniel Adams sitting back-to-back

                      There, that's more comfortable.

Diana Adams and Vickie Sage on rappelling cliffs

Moms Diana Adams and Vickie Sage sit nearby, keeping an eye on everything going on around them. 

Lanita, Krista & Kandice Medina - checking for lice?

What's with the Medinas?  Checking for lice or something?

Linda Adams rappelling the free-fall cliff

My sister Linda decided she wanted to go down the overhanging ledge, where she dangled in midair most of the way down.

Linda Adams on the free-fall from below

                         Yep, that's her, 'way up there!

Linda Adams descending through the trees

Now she's coming through tree branches near the bottom.

Krista Medina rappelling the free-fall

       Krista enjoyed going down the freefall cliff as well.

Krista Medina coming down through the trees

                       Coming in through the treetops!

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