Hope Channel TV interview by Don Schneider
November 13, 2007
Put together by Fred Adams immediately after the event


Hi Folks!

This morning we had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being interviewed by Don Schneider, President of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Don hosts a program for the Hope Channel called Really Living, which features a wide variety of guests who have outstanding stories or been through challenging experiences that can be an inspiration to others.

We really enjoy these programs, because Don is good at asking questions in a way that draws out interesting facts and stories from his guests.  He also emphasizes keeping our focus on Jesus instead of exalting the guests on his program, which we really appreciate.

How in the world did we happen to be selected for this interview?




It all started in April, 2007 when we attended the Pacific Union College Alumni Reunion.








For some unknown reason, I was selected to be one of four honored alumni of the year.






The next issue of PUC ViewPoint carried a short article about me.  I don't know where they heard that I've been flying with Daniel in Venezuela - I haven't even flown with him yet, and he's had his pilot's license for nearly 2 years!  (Note added later: Diana and I got to fly with Daniel for the first time in Dec. 2007 while he completed his Instrument Rating in Collegedale, TN.)

Anyway, Don Schneider read the article, found our family web site, looked through it, got excited and gave me a call, inviting Diana and me to be guests on his Really Living program.  He remembered us because many years ago our campsites were near each other at Redwood camp meeting, and he stopped by for a friendly visit once in awhile.

So today we ended up at the Adventist Media Production (AMP) studios in Simi Valley, about 30 miles west of Los Angeles.





First of all, they took us to the make-up room to make us look good for the cameras. 

A little powder, a little cover-up . . . 







. . . then came the airbrush!  Yes, they actually airbrushed our faces. 

I couldn't tell any difference after she was done, but I guess the cameras can.







Diana had her turn next.  She was happy when the dark circles under her eyes disappeared, but thought her facial wrinkles showed up more. 

Which is worse anyway? 
I still think she looks beautiful!








And here's the studio with all the lights, cameras and the Really Living set.










They built a special platform for my wheelchair so I could be at the height of the little round table and stools.




Before the interview we visited briefly with Don Schneider and my friend Kevin Emmerson, producer of many programs filmed there.  Kevin and two companions went to Chiapas, Mexico in 1994 to video projects sponsored by Mission Projects, Inc.  Daniel went along with them at age 8 as translator to San Lorenzo and other remote places.


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