Partnering with our Volunteers

Farmer and horse plowing


“How much do you work for the Lord?” he was asked
“How many hours a day?”
“From sun to sun,” was the strange reply;
“Unceasingly I work and pray.”

“Why, friend, you are mad,” the other cried,
“We humans must rest now and then.”
“Ah, then, I will haste to explain my good plan
That makes me the happiest of men.

My labor begins with the new morning dawn,
And then when the day is done,
My substitute brave, in a far heathen land,
Has only his work just begun.

And the money I earn, though not very much,
Is divided between him and me;
So I work for the Lord twelve hours at home,
And twelve hours over the sea.

And I think when I've entered the bright glory land,
And all those dear heathen appear--
Redeemed now and saved through the Savior's blood,
I’ll be glad I worked double down here.”

~ Author Unknown ~

Davis Indian children in remote Venezuela village

Gospen Ministries International logo

Gospel Ministries International has been a completely faith-based organization from the start. David Gates and the GMI board and administrators manage GMI with a financial philosophy built on prayer and faith.

No fundraising projects are undertaken, and no funds are explicitly solicited. Through this philosophy of simply making people aware of needs, and reaching out to God in prayer, GMI has grown in leaps and bounds.

Our volunteers serving in South America receive no salary, except for the fulfillment and joy of helping others, meeting medical needs, leading people to Christ and seeing lives changed for the better.

Operating and living expenses come from a variety of sources - friends, strangers, Christians of various religious persuasions and even non-Christians.

As end-time events come to a climax, property, possessions and money will become totally useless.  Right now, each dollar invested in missions will make a difference for eternity!

Tax-deductible receipts are available for those who wish to partner with our volunteers serving in South America.  Donations should be made out to:

             Gospel Ministries International
             P.O. Box 506
             Collegedale, TN 37315   U.S.A.

Include a separate note specifying for whom the donation is to be credited  Please do not write the recipients name on your check.

For donations by Visa or MasterCard, call 423-473-1842.  You may also donate online by clicking here.

The above address and phone number may be used to support the Familia Feliz orphanage and the volunteers serving there. You may also use the above address to partner financially with David & Becky Gates, Brad & Lina Mills, Gary & Toni Lewis, Ruan & Tara Swanepoel, Jeff & Fawna Sutton, Daniel Adams, and many others who serve as part of the GMI team volunteers in South America.  Click here to request further information.

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