Heather, GYC and Back to California
Renewing an old friendship
December 2006 to January 2007





In mid-December Daniel left College-dale and headed north to visit friends at Hartland College in Rapidan, VA.






He'd known twins Cavell & Heather Blood back in 2002 while they studied at Weimar Academy in California.






Cavell currently studies at Hartland, and Heather just returned from the Dominican Republic, where she spent more than two years at Campo Real Health Center.  While there she became fluent in Spanish, learned healthful living principles, food preparation, agriculture and other things in preparation for being a missionary wife.


Attending the General Youth Conference (GYC) each year is a highlight for Daniel and many of his friends.

This was his third time - first in Sacramento, then in Chattanooga and now in Baltimore.

Nearly 6,000 youth and young at heart attended, eager to learn how to better serve God & mankind.



Powerful messages, inspiring music, practical seminars on issues relevant to youth in our times, hands-on activities and ministry booths are part of this fifth annual five day program.



Daniel and Heather joined more than 100 other youth in the GYC Choir & Orchestra.




Sabbath afternoon, thousands of youth filled these buses and visited homes, praying with people, distributing Bible study cards and signing up 720 people for Bible studies.





Daniel and Heather also helped behind the scenes, helping David Gates prepare mission DVD's and other materials to distribute at the Gospel Ministries booth.






Daniel was delighted to find his good friend David Fernald from Maine, who trained him for his Pilot's License the previous year.

David has his arm around Christina, his soon-to-be fiancÚ.



All too soon the event was over, and everyone left.


Heather & Daniel had to wait part of the day for their ride back to Hartland, so Daniel took her out to eat Thai food.  And yes, they had a really fun time together!




On January 3, 2007, Daniel flew back home to California.






He was happy to see his parents again, after being away nearly 7 months.  And of course, we were happy to have him back - for a few days before he took off again!





There's nothing like the road going back home.  Daniel was snapping pictures and taking video every few minutes!




And Mosquito Road's swinging bridge is a major landmark along the 30-minute drive from Placerville to our home.  Four generations of the Adams family have driven this road, since 1938.

But the original bridge was built in 1867 for horses & wagons!



Ah - Home Sweet Home!  Within minutes Daniel was checking things out all over our 120 acres, helping his grandparents and noting all the changes since he'd left.





Here's Diana with Tiger the cat
and Bonnie our dog, relaxing
on the couch.







Daniel's bedroom, a never-ending collection of "stuff."







Every year Daniel goes through and hauls away big boxes & bags of junk, but there's always more!

Will this mess ever get under control?  Probably not - he's never home long enough to spend time going through everything!




Daniel enjoys working with Grandpa Adams - he always learns new things.  And it's fun riding around in the old cars - some from the 1920's!




At age 86 and with a recently broken hip, Grandpa still works hard every day, sawing wood, cutting lumber, hauling manure, fixing up old vehicles, taking care of the garden, clearing & burning brush and plenty more.  Poor Grandma has a hard time keeping up with him, so Daniel's help is always welcome.

By the way Daniel, put that camera away and help with the chainsaw!


After helping Grandpa, it's fun to ride around on the Honda 90 - the same one Daniel's dad rode back in the 1960's.  And it still runs!

We spent a few days traveling around central California, briefly visiting relatives Daniel sees only once a year.  That was fun, but
not nearly enough for Daniel!




Socializing is extremely essential for Daniel's sanity.  So he arranged for a group of church friends to eat, play and look at pictures together on his computer.






Some of the church kids have
adopted Daniel as their "older brother." 
They have a lot of fun playing while Daniel's around, and keep in touch by e-mail & phone while he's away.






Saturday night social time included a lively game of Musical Chairs.  What fun!






During the Children's Story at church Daniel dressed up in his dad's Mexican Indian outfit, sharing stories and pictures of what life is like for missionary kids.

Children & adults alike enjoyed it.




The following day he was on the plane headed for Florida, then a few weeks later, on to Venezuela.  There's rarely a dull moment when Daniel's around!

And he's always eager to share the joy of sharing Jesus, whether at home or in a distant foreign land.



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