Leoni Meadows Church Family Campout
More people to have fun with!
May 18 to 21, 2006




Each year the Camino church meets at Leoni Meadows for a weekend retreat.  Daniel was thrilled to be part of it this year - lately he's been away at school this time of the year.






It was so nice to have Daniel to unload the van and set up our tent.  We never got a picture of our camp, but here are some of our neighbors.

Those sugar pines, firs and cedars sure smelled good!





The campfires smelled good too - and felt good.  It was a little chilly at 4,200' elevation.

The kids always enjoy camping out and sitting by the campfire.





Getting some nice hot glowing coals here.






Just perfect for roasting vegetarian wieners - yuuuum!







Diana and I bundled up, trying to keep warm.

Daniel made me a table by piling some wood rounds next to my chair.




Daniel's grandma Betty also enjoyed the fire, food and fellowship.

And Daniel was
all over the place, making new friends, visiting with old ones, eating, helping where needed, taking pictures and keeping kids entertained.  It was a rare sight to see him in one place long enough to get a picture!














There was plenty of good food to eat, and that was a good thing.  Something about camping out in the forest and the smell of wood smoke sure creates an appetite!

Pastor Craig Klatt and his wife Judy had fun
right along with the rest of us.





We focused much of our time on enjoying being out in nature.

Our meetings were informal & meaningful.

Jerry Dennis & the kids led out in singing.




Lloyd Ogan shared some
meaningful messages.







Evenings when it was too cold outside, folks sang heartily around the indoor fireplace.






Jerry, are you trying to
MAKE those kids sing?









The Leoni train - such a fun ride around the meadow, down past the pond, across the creek through a covered bridge, past the Indian grinding rocks, through the forest above Indian & Wagon Camps, and back to the train station by the old Leoni House.







Toot toot!  Here we go - a cold ride, but fun nevertheless.  This train even takes passengers by moonlight when the ground is covered with snow!



Sabbath afternoon's highlight was a baptism in the pond - five young girls
and dear old Dan Smith.






Lizzie's baptism.










This was a very special moment
for Lizzie & Auxona Thomas,
Lindsey & Laura Hoyt
and Kristen Rucker.















The entire weekend was very special.  Several of the girls had so much fun with Daniel, that as we were packing up to leave, they asked Daniel if he would be their "adopted" older brother.  And since then, they've been keeping in touch by phone & e-mail.

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